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Stone County man charged with multiple felonies after assault, knife fight

A Stone County man has been charged with numerous felonies after he entered a residence on Hwy. 14 West and proceeded to get into a knife fight with the homeowner.

Sheriff Lance Bonds said in a press release that earlier this month deputies were dispatched to the Hwy. 14 residence in regard to a disturbance with weapons.

Investigator Sean Hickman discovered Justin Kellums, 35, had entered the residence with something in his hand and threatened to kill the homeowner. Apparently, the two had a “problem” in the past, and the situation had finally come to this.

Authorities said Kellums apparently used the object he had brought into the residence and began beating the homeowner. They struggled and eventually ended up outside the residence where Kellums allegedly pulled a knife. The homeowner then brandished his own knife and defended himself.

The fight continued with the homeowner apparently injuring Kellums who then ran to his vehicle and left the scene.

Authorities say a search for Kellums located him in the area of Hwy. 14 heading toward Fifty-Six, Ark.  During the pursuit, Sheriff Bonds noted Kellums ran Investigator Hickman off the highway and narrowly missed another deputy’s vehicle while attempting to evade arrest. Several minutes later, Sgt. Mike Stephens coordinated a “rolling roadblock” on Kellums’ vehicle.  That maneuver puts a squad car in front, one in the back, and one on the side, and then slows down to a stop.

Kellums was then taken to the hospital with an injury consistent with a knife wound.  After medical treatment, Kellums was placed in jail.

Prosecutor Holly Meyer has now charged Kellums with five felonies including aggravated residential burglary; second-degree battery; aggravated assault; terroristic threatening; and felony fleeing. Kellums is also being charged under the Habitual Offender Law which, if convicted, enhances the penalty, according to Sheriff Bonds.

Kellums’ bond has been set at $100,000.

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Justin Kellums / Image via the Stone County Sheriff’s Dept.

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