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Humane Society of Independence County continues its mission

Humane Society of Independence County continues its mission

From the Humane Society of Independence County board of directors

The Humane Society of Independence County (HSIC) wishes to thank everyone who has helped us in any manner throughout the years since our founding.  You have assisted us with your financial donations, material for the shelter, and volunteering at the shelter, as well.  In particular, HSIC is forever indebted to Bev Finch, the founder, whose foresight, vision, and fundraising created the physical building constructed back in 2002.  After 14 years of dedicated service, she has retired with the hope that the facility will continue as long as there is a need.

Since 2002, HSIC has provided shelter and/or foster care for over 7,000 dogs/puppies and 4,000 cats/kittens.  There are currently 64 names on our waiting list for animals to be admitted to the shelter.  The need is as huge as ever and continues unabated. Recently a female dog entered the shelter after having three litters for a total of 20 puppies over a two year time span.  Most likely these puppies were not neutered; thus our mission is as critical as ever.  Every animal leaving this facility is neutered, and HSIC does not euthanize any animal to create space here.  

Adam was one of ten dogs rescued from an abusive situation back in August 2016.  Upon entry, Adam tested positive for heartworms and underwent treatment thanks to Heart Help, Martha Decker’s Memorial Fund.  During Adam’s treatment for heartworms, he had seizures and received additional medical treatment.  He went into foster care with a young couple and two dog companions.  Soon, they adopted him.  Here, he lived in a crate with country music playing, but in his new home Adam prefers to sleep on the couch sans music.

HSIC struggles every month to pay its bills to maintain the service that is provided to Independence County.  The money raised at Bargain Hound Boutique and fundraisers like Bark In the Park and Trivia night help, but does not ever cover our $20,000 monthly operating expenses.  We are a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization, receiving no funds from any government agency.  It is possible that HSIC will have to close its doors if we do not get the support from the concerned citizens of Independence County.  Adam found his home; we want to make happy endings like that continue.  Please carefully consider making a year-end, tax-deductible donation to the Humane Society of Independence County, PO Box 3477, Batesville, AR  72503.  870-793-0090.   When you or a loved one considers estate planning, remember the mission and need of HSIC.  

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