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Freezing temps bring area propane prices into focus

With the cold temperatures rolling into the region, White River Now’s Gary B. takes a look at propane prices around the area.

When you live in a rural area of the country like we do, you will find many residents use propane as a heating fuel.  And, the price of that fuel fluctuates as the weather fluctuates.

Yesterday (Thursday, Jan. 11), the price per gallon in this area ranged from $2.10 a gallon (if you purchase 150 gallons or more) to $2.69 a gallon (if you purchase less).

One good area price going is $2.24 a gallon.  Yes, higher than $2.10, but there is no minimum purchase required to get that price.

Regardless, every company we talked to said it is an extremely busy time with drivers working furiously to serve their customers.  

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