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Independence County Sheriff’s Dept. road report

Here’s a road condition update from Independence County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Jeff Sims via the department’s Facebook page:

Hey folks it’s approximately 4:00 am in Independence County Arkansas and we wanted to give you a bit of a road condition update before you start out your morning commute. Basically, we dodged a weather bullet overnight. Talking to all of our Officers on duty we can report that all of the main roadways are in rather good shape thanks to an outstanding job by the Highway Department and a little help from some really strong cold winds. There are some patchy areas here and there and some wet spots that could potentially become black ice as we ease into the morning hours so please be very cautious as you make your drive. The secondary roads do still have areas of snow cover and are patchy in several areas as well. We’ve been fortunate since this weather incident began late yesterday afternoon to report that we have had no accidents at this time. All this being said it is cold! Very cold! We wouldn’t be shocked to see a few penguins or polar bears roaming around. It’s that cold so please dress warm and make sure your pets are well taken care of before leaving out this morning. All in all the roads are in pretty good shape on the main highways and decent-to-fair on the secondary roads. There are a few slick spots out there and as the sun comes up there’s always the possibility of seeing some roadway problems with black ice. Just please take your time (slow down), give yourself space behind other vehicles, make sure your tires are in good shape, and overall be careful. Eyes on the road and not on your phone. Let’s have an event free morning and be safe.

Chief Deputy Jeff Sims

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