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Gary B. takes a look at Batesville’s 2017 alcohol tax collections

Batesville’s alcohol tax collections brought in just over $60,000 in 2017. White River Now’s Gary B. takes a look the numbers which benefit the city’s tourism program.

Ten city businesses collected the tax which levies five percent on beer, wine, and liquor.

Batesville City Clerk Denise Johnston, the city clerk for Batesville, reports that a total of $60,701.89 was collected last year with Josie’s Steakhouse collecting the most.

  1. Josie’s: $18,650.86
  2. The Duck Blind: $9,542.29
  3. Beef O’Brady’s: $8,587.95
  4. 109 Main: $7,974.55
  5. US Pizza $6,445.20
  6. VFW: $4,385.28
  7. Eagle Mountain Country Club: $2,728.05
  8. Sakura: $1,039.77
  9. Fox Creek BBQ: $731.92
  10. Colton’s (limited time collected): $616.02

Those who collect alcohol tax don’t just collect on the city level. Establishments who sell collect 19.25% on beer and wine and 24.25% on liquor for the state of Arkansas. In other words, in Batesville, roughly 25% to 30% of what one pays for an alcoholic beverage goes to taxes. The stronger the drink, the more you pay.

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