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Fund-raising group for Batesville High graduation party pulls AR-15 from raffle

A group selling raffle tickets for an American Tactical (AR-15) rifle has agreed to pull the weapon from the raffle after the Feb. 14 Florida school massacre. The raffle, organized by parents of Batesville School District (BSD) students and not the BSD itself, was being held to help a fund an alcohol-free and drug-free graduation party.

The AR-15 rifle was the same type of semi-automatic rifle used in the Florida school shooting that left 17 dead.

White River Now’s Gary B. spoke with Batesville School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Hester about the raffle.

Listen below for Dr. Hester’s comments:

Again, Dr. Hester said the group was happy to change course and also apologized if the raffle brought any negative attention to the school. The group said it certainly was not their intention.

NOTE: The photo above is not the actual AR-15 that was to be raffled. That is a stock image.

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