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Southside’s Roger Rich talks with Gary B. about the recent discovery of a shotgun in a student’s vehicle

Southside Schools Superintendent Roger Rich visited with White River Now’s Gary B. today about the discovery of a shotgun inside a student’s vehicle. No threat was made, and the student is now in custody.

Read the superintendent’s official statement below.

Statement from Southside Schools Superintendent Roger Rich:

On Thursday afternoon, Feb. 22, a school employee received information that a student had a shotgun in his vehicle on the school campus. No threat was made. A courageous individual wanted to ensure that adults knew there was a gun in a vehicle on school grounds.

The employee immediately alerted school resource officers and administrators. The shotgun was secured with no incident. The student and shotgun were swiftly removed from the campus by law enforcement officers. The student remains in the custody of local law enforcement.

Southside Schools continued working in collaboration with local law enforcement officers to complete a full investigation. As this investigation has concluded over the weekend and formal charges are being filed this morning, I wanted to share with our Southside families first. No threat was received; the student and shotgun were removed from campus. As a school, we will pursue all educational and legal actions to ensure the safety of our students and school.

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