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No monkey business — Area woman wanting to buy a primate pet presses charges when no monkey arrives

The Independence County Sheriff’s Department is working on a possible fraud that was perpetrated on a Desha woman.

The local woman was looking to buy a monkey and found one online from a person’s website that said he was in the primate business.

The local woman apparently purchased a monkey to be shipped to her for $410.  She said she wired the money to the man who then began, “asking for more money for different things.”

The police department in Silver Springs, Md., where the man was located, said they already had a case or cases against him and would add her case once she filed a report with the Independence County Sheriff’s Department.  She also pressed charges against the Maryland man in order to have an opportunity to get her money back.

To make matters worse, the Desha woman said her number and email address were used on the man’s website as a contact for people wishing to purchase monkeys.  She said the original website she used to first contact the man had been taken down, and the new site was put up with her contact information. She said she has received multiple calls from individuals, some of which were “less than nice to her,” when she informed the caller she is not in the business and does not have monkeys for purchase.

Since the man she supposedly purchased a monkey from has now been arrested, apparently from pulling the fraud on others, her case will be added to other cases in Silver Springs that have been victims of the same monkey fraud.

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