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Break-ins reported at area bank and pizza restaurant

A bank robbery at the Pleasant Plains branch of Citizens Bank netted the thieves only $128. Under the cover of darkness with no employees around, the thieves apparently used a crowbar to smash out the front door glass to gain entry as the alarm went out alerting police dispatch.  

Bank video shows two people dressed in black with white face masks along with gloves, according to authorities. Authorities say the thieves went into offices, apparently looking for where the money for daily operation or more was kept. One of the responding officers, Deputy Zach Spohr said a teller’s money drawer was opened and $93 in quarters and $35 in dimes were taken, leaving behind some other change. There were two safes in the building, neither broken into.

Once the robbers left the building, they heading west through a field on foot.    

There was also an apparent break-in recently reported at Mazzio’s Pizza in Batesville. A spokesperson said the case was still under investigation, and the initial report has not yet been filed.

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