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Serious monkey business in Mountain View

Tamera Balentine of Stone County was simply following the law when she brought her pet monkey to the Stone County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday.

Any possessor or owner of an exotic animal or primate is required to register with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and their local sheriff’s department, according to state law.

So, yesterday, Balentine brought her pet Penicillata Marmoset (pocket monkey), named Dahlia, to the Stone County Sheriff’s Department in order to register her.

Dahlia is 7 weeks and has an approximate lifespan of 15 years and will grow to approximately 6 inches in length.

This was the first time the department has registered a monkey, according to Stone County Sheriff Lance Bonds. Balentine and Dahlia stayed at the sheriff’s department for an extended time and answered questions for the curious deputies.

Monkey in Mountain ViewTamera Balentine and her pocket monkey, Dahlia / Image via Stone County Sheriff’s Dept.

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