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Harrisburg man charged with battery after his vehicle gets stuck in Batesville

A Harrisburg, Ark., man has been charged in Independence County Circuit Court with second degree battery.

The charge stems from an incident on April 3 in the 4900 block of Harrison Street.  The Circuit Court documents said Michael Brandon Bornhoft, 38, a current parolee, apparently had a vehicle stuck in the ditch. Witnesses at the location told the first officer on the scene, Sgt. Ernie Gillihan, that Bornhoft had been acting oddly. Bornhoft became concerned at the presence of a uniformed officer and would not comply with his commands, according to Gillihan. The sergeant said he saw Bornhoft take something that was concealed in his hand and put it in his mouth.  Witnesses at the scene claimed the item was a plastic baggy.

The court information said Bornhoft continued to refuse to comply with Gillihan’s commands, so the officer took Bornhoft to the ground, and in the process injured his chest.

Sheriff Shawn Stephens and Det. Aaron Moody arrived on scene and assisted in the arrest.

In addition to the battery charge, Bornhoft is also being charged under the Habitual Offender Statute having previously been convicted of four or more felonies.

Sgt. Gillihan was taken to the White River Medical Center for treatment.

Bornhoft was placed on a $15,000 bond.


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