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Gary B.: If you’re to appear in court, it’s best to do so

When you are to appear in court, even for a misdemeanor, it is best you do just that.  

According to Chief Izard County Deputy Sheriff, Ernie Blackley, two Little Rock residents did not do so, and now they are in jail, without bond, awaiting their appearance in Izard County District Court.

Jolynn Mandell, 33, was arrested for two counts of failure to appear. Frank Manuel Ortega, 35, was also arrested for two counts of failure to appear. Mandell is to appear before a judge on Wednesday and Ortega on Thursday.

And on April 18th, Heath Jason Hypes, 47, of Horseshoe Bend was arrested by Deputy Nic Taylor for failure to pay fines. He was jailed and then given an O.R. (Own Recognizance) bond. He is to appear in Izard County District Court this Thursday.

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