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Stone County couple strike deals on charges of sexual indecency with a child and more


Two Stone County residents, who have been in jail since August of last year, struck a deal with prosecutors on sexual assault, sexual indecency with a child, and intimidating a witness charges.

Mark Wayne Martin II, 22, and Gadel Shai Bigham, 22, entered into negotiated pleas of guilty of sexual assault, with each being sentenced to 120 months probation.

Martin and his attorney agreed to that sentence along with 72 months on the sexual indecency with a child charge. The two will run concurrently.

Bigham and her attorney agreed to 120 months probation each on the sexual assault and the intimidating a witness charges. The two will run concurrently.

Both Martin and Bigham were each sentenced to $2,500 fines plus court costs — totaling $3,520, to be paid at $50 a month.

The two must register as sex offenders, and each was given a post-conviction “No Contact” order with the victim.  

At the time of the offenses, the victim was under the age of six.

The affidavit of probable cause for arrest said the incidents occurred when the accused was “watching” the child while the parents were at work.

Bigham was given credit for spending 266 days in jail awaiting trial, and Martin was credited for 271 days in jail.

Martin was released from custody.  Bigham was released and immediately turned over to the custody of Independence County authorities where she was wanted on contempt of court charges.

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