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Stone County couple arrested for allegedly tying up and beating juvenile after missed curfew

Stone County authorities were recently notified that a 16-year-old female, according to court records, had been handcuffed, tied up with rope, and beaten for missing curfew.

The juvenile told investigators she had gotten home after her curfew time, staying late with some friends at the creek after school.  She said in the court information that an argument ensued with her dad and his girlfriend over her tardiness.

The juvenile told authorities her father came into her room and slapped her mouth twice. He then left and came back with handcuffs and cuffed her behind her back.  She said during a struggle the cuffs broke.

The two defendants, 60-year-old Rob Grenner and 54-year-old Dolores Trostel, then tackled her to the floor and tied her with a rope. She was able to get to her room and slept until the next morning when she got up and was driven to school by Grenner.

Grenner was later taken into custody and waived his Miranda rights and told officers his version of what happened. The court information said, after a 30-minute interview with investigators, Grenner admitted to slapping the juvenile on the face, tying her up, hitting her with a belt, and handcuffing her.

Trostel was also taken into custody and told her version of what occurred, including videos she had taken of some of the events.

Investigators then charged Grenner and Trostel with: false imprisonment in the first degree — a felony; domestic battering in the third degree; misdemeanor interfering with emergency communication — a misdemeanor; and terroristic threatening — a felony.

Their bonds were set at $10,000.


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