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Domestic confrontation ends with arrest when drug paraphernalia found in residence

A domestic confrontation in Independence County ended Saturday night with an arrest of a 22-year-old man when drug paraphernalia was allegedly found in plain sight and in easy access to a minor child, according to authorities.

Deputy John Marlow said the confrontation was verbal only, and probably no official action would have been taken, except:  it was pointed out that, in the bathroom, in plain view, were two marijuana grinders (with residue), as well as a glass smoking device.  In addition, the grinders and smoking device were within reach of a small child as were opened alcoholic beverages sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor, according to the deputy.  The items were confiscated and placed in an evidence locker at the jail.

The male subject was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors:  1) possession of drug paraphernalia and 2) endangering the welfare of a minor, third-degree.

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