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Judge anticipates Warrant Amnesty Day within next few months

Independence County and the City of Batesville District Court Judge, Chaney Taylor, told White River Now’s Gary B. today that the judge anticipated having another Warrant Amnesty Day within the next few months.

Warrant Amnesty Day is a time set aside for those who have not paid their court fines to come in and pay those fines.  The judge said Warrant Amnesty Day is really an “incentive day” to allow a person who owes a fine and has not paid it in a timely manner, to do so and not risk going to jail.

Judge Taylor also noted that in the past the court has used a “Roundup Day” on outstanding fines that are owed to the county or city.  “Roundup Day” is when deputies and city police bring in individuals who owe unpaid fines and take them directly to district court and before Judge Taylor.  The purpose is to put them in jail for contempt of court, or to hear the circumstances as to why the fines have not been paid, and if there is a good, believable reason for non-payment, he will work with the person to pay off the fines or set up a payment schedule.  He said the key to that solution is that he will need to see effort from the individual.

When a date is set for Warrant Amnesty Day in the district court, we will pass that information along to the public.

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