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Gary B.: “Flashing yellow” at Boswell light means continue through with caution

After a recent ArDOT study, it was determined that the traffic light at Boswell and Broad in downtown Batesville, would be removed.  In the meantime, the traffic light is on “flashing yellow” for traffic on Boswell Street. Stop signs control traffic on Broad.

The “flashing yellow” is telling driver’s that they can continue through the intersection, using caution.  The Broad street traffic must come to a stop and yield to any traffic on Boswell Street that is passing through the intersection.

Batesville Police Chief Alan Cockrill told White River Now that drivers should use caution as they move through the intersection because of the changes just made to controlling traffic and the changes to come.

Again, traffic on Boswell Street has the right of way through the intersection on the flashing yellow traffic light. Traffic on Broad must obey the stop sign and yield to traffic on Boswell before it enters the intersection.

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