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Trouble with a probation/parole female leads to arrests of two suspects and confiscation of meth

Trouble with a probation/parole female led to the arrest of two suspects and the confiscation of two baggies of methamphetamine. Officer Darin Brewer said he answered a call to Moore Circle in Batesville to assist Probation and Parole Officer Brian Gould who said he was having problems with Chelsea Brown.

It was noted in the police report that Brown and 42-year-old Jamie Carl Medley were standing in the yard when officers arrived.  Gould said Brown ran to Medley’s truck and then came back to stand by Medley. Gould went to the driver’s side of the pickup and discovered a Marlboro Light cigarette package lying in the front floorboard with a baggie, containing what later tested positive as methamphetamine.

Brewer said when he checked the cigarette package, there were two baggies of methamphetamine. Independence County’s Narcotics Officer Chris Toland, was briefed on the incident and advised Brewer to take Brewer into custody and place a criminal investigation division hold on him due to the methamphetamine being found in his vehicle.

Brown was transported to the Jackson County Jail by Probation and Parole acting on a warrant for her arrest.

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