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Accused Newark gunman and his victim identified; John M. Goodman held on $1 million bond

The identities of the accused gunman and his victim in the July 9 shooting at Newark have been released.

Authorities have charged John M. Goodman, 33, of Newark with murder in the first degree, a Class Y felony, in the death of Steven Reed, 27. Goodman is being held at the Independence County Jail on a $1 million bond.

Documents filed today in Independence County Circuit Court note the Independence County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to 1265 Locust St. for a shooting on July 9.

After the responding deputies arrived at the scene, the suspect, Goodman, was taken into custody.

Witnesses at the scene, Jammie Venable and Dusty Reed, were transported to the sheriff’s department to provide statements for the incident, according to the filing.

In the statement provided by Venable, she told authorities she had a dating relationship with both Goodman and the victim, Reed. The relationship with Goodman was a past relationship that produced a child. After ending the relationship with Goodman, Venable started a new one with Reed.

Due to some physical abuse in the new relationship with Reed, according to Venable, she then turned to Goodman for a place to stay, the court documents note.

On the morning of July 9, Venable advised Goodman that Reed had arrived with Dusty, Steven Reed’s sister-in-law, to pick up Venable and her belongings upon which Goodman told Venable, “It’s either me or him.”

Goodman was then quoted by Venable as saying “I’ll shoot him or myself,” while obtaining a firearm from his bedroom. Court docs go on to say after Reed knocked on the door of the residence, Venable said Goodman told Reed to come inside. Venable told authorities, as Reed entered the residence, Goodman began shooting Reed with a black pistol.

Dusty Reed, according to the court information, was outside at the time of the shooting and advised authorities she had transported Steven to the Newark area to pick up Venable. After arriving at Goodman’s residence, Dusty told authorities that Steven was nervous about going up to the house and asked her if she would knock on the door. Not willing to do so, Dusty noted Steven went to the door and knocked. Outside in her vehicle, Dusty told authorities she heard someone in the house say, “door’s open” or “come in.” As her brother-in-law entered the residence, Dusty immediately heard gunshots ring out.

After the shooting stopped, Dusty witnessed Goodman exit the front door with a firearm and claimed Goodman was concerned with locating his dog that had run from the house after the shooting, court documents note.

In an interview at the Independence County Sheriff’s Department, Goodman described his relationship with Venable as “bitter” and one that did not end by his choice. In the interview, authorities noted Goodman appeared to have deep feelings for Venable. Goodman also noted he did not like Steven Reed and that Reed had made comments in the past about taking Goodman’s girlfriend away, according to the court information.

Goodman provided the situation on the morning of July 9 was in the “heat of the moment” and that he could not remember most of it because of how mad and frustrated he was at the time. Goodman told authorities that after Reed knocked, Goodman replied something to the effect of “It’s unlocked.”

After Reed entered the home, Goodman confirmed he discharged his firearm towards Steven Reed, striking him. Goodman provided it was hard for him to describe due to the mindset he was in at the time, telling authorities he basically “blacked out,” according to the court papers.

The court documents also note that evidence at the scene was consistent with the accounts of Venable and Dusty Reed. Steven Reed’s body was laying within a few feet of the front door and bullet strikes were located in the wall and door, which provided investigators that Reed was shot standing just inside and close to the front entry door as he entered. Steven Reed was not found armed with any kind of weapon, the docs note.

The firearm used in the shooting — a 380 cal. Hi-Point pistol — was found to have been listed stolen by the Butler County, Mo. Sheriff’s Department on Feb. 25, 2016, according to the court filing.

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