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Gary B.: Cedar Grove community carries rich history

The Cedar Grove community in Independence is rich in history and can be traced back into the 1800s when it became part of Independence and Sharp Counties.

Cedar Grove was first Choctaw Indian territory, then military land and finally homestead land.   The first citizens of Cedar Grove were the Osage Indians.

Then came the settlers. Among the first families were the Bruce, Lawrence and James families.

Tommy James, who now lives in Spring Valley, can date his family’s presence in Cedar Grove back to his father and grandfather.

Tommy Bryant dad.jpgDewey James

The grandfather was George Washington James who ran a store in Cedar Grove and his son (Tommy’s father), Dewey James followed in his father’s footsteps as a storekeeper. Their time was from the early to the mid-1900s. George Washington James, a minister, fathered 11 children, 7 boys, and 4 girls. At one time, son Dewey was a specialty salesman. Dewey was 60 years old when his youngest son, Tommy, was born.

Tommy said one of his great uncles, Elijah James, the older brother of Tommy’s grandfather, fought and died in the Civil War.

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