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Intended victim of home robbery quickly I.D.s masked suspect

From an incident that occurred on July 2, an Independence County man has been charged with felony theft.

According to authorities, a Bethesda Road resident, Jordan Stephens reported that a man, listed as 20-year-old Tanner Kimmerling, entered his residence with a mask on his face and a pistol in each hand, ordering everyone to give him their phones and wallets.  There were three other people in the Stephens residence, including a female who wrote in her statement to police that Kimmerling took off the mask after she was able to identify him and call him by name.

The witnesses also said that Kimmerling left the residence after taking a shotgun that belonged to Jordan.

On July 16t Jordan Stephens went to the Independence County Sheriff’s Department and reported the theft.  Jordan also said that Kimmerling was accusing them of stealing a side-by-side from him, which Jordan said he did not know what Kimmerling was talking about.

The charge against Kimmerling is theft of property, a Class D felony.

Kimmerling is in custody on a $50,000 bond.

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