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Batesville man arrested for inhaling intoxicating compound; officer finds air duster cans in truck

Batesville Police Department Officer Trey Randolph was called to a Batesville Boulevard parking lot Tuesday morning (July 31) where a white male was sitting in his pickup with a can of air duster in his hand.  Officer Randolph said the man, 46-year-old Robert Cherry, saw him and pitched the can into the passenger side of the truck.

Randolph said after administering three sobriety tests to Cherry, the results led to placing him under arrest for the suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  Randolph said that due to the tests performed and his observation of Cherry’s behavior, he was booked into the Independence County Jail. Cherry was also cited for breathing and/or inhaling a certain intoxicating compound.

Officer Randolph said in his report that Tuesday’s incident was the fourth time law enforcement officers were involved with his usage of an inhalant.  Randolph added that two ten-ounce air duster canisters were recovered from the pickup as evidence.

In June of this year, White River Now’s Gary B. wrote about three separate cases in one weekend involving individuals ‘huffing’ air duster canisters. Click here for that article.

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