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Stone County man faces six felonies after admitting stealing from restaurant

A Stone County man has been accused in  Stone County Circuit Court with committing six felonies.

22-year-old Shane Joseph Fonte worked for Angler’s Restaurant. Officers were called to that establishment for a theft report. The owner, Chris McCollum, was questioning Fonte at the time about money taken from the restaurant.

The court information said under questioning from officers and the restaurant owner, Fonte admitted taking money from the safe and money from the tip jar. He also said he stole a fishing pole from Angler’s. He told officers he stole keys to the restaurant and used them to enter the premises and commit commercial burglary and felony theft.

When Fonte was searched, officers found an Altoids can containing methamphetamine. Also in the can was a baggie containing two Hydrocodone tablets along with four Valium, one Xanax, and one Clonazepam.

Fonte also told officers there were other drugs in his trailer at the Holliday Mountain Resort. There, officers found several drug paraphernalia items, meth, and marijuana along with burnt marijuana cigarettes. The case was handled by Lt. Zach Alexander and Agent Cruz of the 16th Judicial District Drug Task Force.

Fonte was charged with two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of methamphetamine; possession of several illegal pills including Xanax and Hydrocodone.; commercial burglary and theft of property.

Fonte was placed in jail on a $25,000 bond.

Fonte.jpgShane Joseph Fonte / Image via Stone County Sheriff’s Office

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