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Stone County man formally sentenced to 75 years (900 months) in sexual assault case

Matthew Brian Ming, 38, was formally sentenced Tuesday, Aug. 14, in Stone County Circuit Court after coming to a negotiated plea of guilty on numerous counts. The sentencing was delayed by District Judge Tim Weaver in order for the victim in the case to make a statement in court.

The final negotiated plea of guilty included 23 counts of sexual assault in the second degree; 23 counts of introducing a controlled substance into the body of another; 31 counts of video voyeurism; two counts of violation of an order of protection; and 10 counts of intimidating a witness. His sentence carries a term of 900 months (75 years) in prison. Ming was also fined $1,500 and will have to pay court and other costs of $1,370.

The sentencing order also said Ming shall have no contact with the victim.

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Matthew Ming arrives for his sentencing on Tuesday at Stone County Circuit Court

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