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Social media threats against employer send man to jail

Be careful what you post on social media.  You could end up in jail.

Case in point is 18-year-old Brandon Paul Domingue’s posting on Facebook. A female had contacted the Batesville Police Department dispatching unit advising them that Domingue’s Facebook page said he just got fired from Peco, and he was headed back there to shoot everyone there.  County deputies checked his residence on Collietown Road and found his grandfather had just dropped him off at Peco.

Batesville officers went there and found that Domingue was working.  He was taken into custody on a hold for Lt. Kyle Williford.

Meanwhile, an aunt of Domingue’s came to where the Batesville officers were in the plant and said she was concerned about the welfare of her nephew — that he had been awake since yesterday.

The two Facebook postings Domingue made were:

“I’m not (censored — Ed.) scared to go to jail or prison for murder.  If I can’t get my job back people will end up dead, and I will have no sadness for them or their family.”

“I have to go to Peco tonight and fight (for) my job back.  They supposed to have terminated me. Thank you for your (censored — Ed.) ruining my job (censored — Ed.) line leaders.”

Patrolman Larry Ring was advised to write Domingue a citation for terroristic threatening. He was also given a court date of Sept. 19 in misdemeanor or district court.

Patrolman Ring also said that Peco human resources indicated that, due to the Facebook postings, Domingue would no longer be employed at the facility.

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