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Batesville police arrest owner of several dogs for animal cruelty, public intox, and more

A Batesville man was arrested last Saturday night, Aug. 18, at the Quail Valley Estate apartments. Police had been summoned due to the owner of several dogs becoming aggressive, loud, and using abusive language.

As officers tried to understand the situation, officer Nathaniel Simmons said the dog owner was very uncooperative and smelled of a strong odor of intoxicants. The man had several Rottweiler dogs.

The arrest information said the man, 66-year-old Michael R. Clouse, ignored all directives of officers on the scene and at one point, even threw one of his puppies several feet. O

Officers noted that Clouse said, “It was his (censored — Ed.) dog, and he could do whatever he wanted to with it.”

Officers said apparently Clouse was upset with Batesville’s Animal Control Officer, Jeff Pender. Clouse told officers that Pender was harassing him because of his dogs. Another officer on the scene, Larry Ring noted that Clouse continued to yell and curse and stay very uncooperative.

As officers began to take Clouse into custody, it was noted that it appeared that Clouse tried to get his Rottweilers to attack the police officers.

Clouse was taken to jail and could be facing several charges including: animal cruelty, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and public intoxication.

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