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Convenience store manager accused of taking money from employer

A Southside woman has been accused in Independence County Circuit Court of taking over $15,000 from her employer over a four-month period.

The court records noted the owner of the Exxon Tiger Mart, Rahul Kumar, said he conducted an inventory for the store because he was noticing the store kept coming up short on money. He said he went back through four months of paperwork for the store and noticed money missing from 40 days in that period of time. Kumar told authorities during all the days in question his store manager, 52-year-old Charity Annette Branscum, was in charge of doing the books. He said during that period of time, money was missing from deposits, credit card totals, lottery deposits, and the daily totals. Kumar said the largest two days where money was missing were Thursday, March 1, where just over $1,800 was missing, and Wednesday, June 11, where $2,097 was missing.

Kumar said, in total, all money missing over the period of time that was checked (four months) was $15,123.81.

The court documents said Det. Michael Moody met with Branscum on Thursday, Aug. 16 for an interview. The court records said, during the interview, Branscum confessed to taking money from the store on an average of two or three times a week for the past six-to-eight months.

The documents said Branscum agreed with investigators as to how she altered the books to hide the missing money.

Branscum is charged with two counts of theft of property with a bond set at $2,500.

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