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Mountain View man behind bars after threatening man regarding woman’s murder

A Mountain View man is in jail after being charged with a number of felonies, including threatening the former boyfriend of a woman who was murdered in Izard County in 2004 — a homicide investigation that has been open and active since its occurrence.

According to information filed Monday in Stone County Circuit Court by Sixteenth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Holly Meyer, Christopher B. Cantrell, 37, of Mountain View, was at the residence of Tommy Morrison on Sept. 25, when he learned Morrison was going to the home of Mariah and Justin Gullett to visit. Gullett is the former boyfriend of Rebekah Gould, the 2004 homicide victim.

Morrison told authorities Cantrell said he would go with Morrison to the residence, but did not tell Morrison why. Morrison rode in his truck with Cantrell driving. Upon arrival, Cantrell parked the truck behind the Gullett residence.

Mariah Gullett told investigators when she answered the back door, Morrison entered and then Cantrell “pushed” his way into the residence and put the Gullett telephone in his pocket.

Justin Gullett was at the store at the time, but when he returned to his home, he reported he was confronted by Cantrell, “…in regards to Gullett making statements to law enforcement about his (Cantrell’s — Ed.) possible involvement in the murder of Gould…,” according to court papers, and that Cantrell threatened to kill Gullett if he continued to give statements.

Gullett’s wife said she heard “…Cantrell state he would cut Justin’s throat and that he would kill him if he continued to make statements.” Morrison also told investigators he witnessed Cantrell threaten the life of Justin Gullett as well.

After the threat, authorities say Justin Gullett escaped his residence and contacted law enforcement from the neighbor’s phone.

Cantrell is charged with residential burglary; intimidating a juror, a witness or an informant; terroristic threatening in the first degree; and interference with emergency communication in the first degree. Cantrell was admitted to bail in the sum of $50,000.

Christopher B. Cantrell.jpgChristopher B. Cantrell / Image via Stone County Sheriff’s Office

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