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Traffic stop ends with drugs found

On December 16, Deputy Christ Martin of the Independence County Sheriff’s Department conducted a traffic stop in the Southside area. Deputy Martin stopped the vehicle after he noticed the driver’s side brake light was not functioning.

Upon running identification of the vehicle’s occupants through dispatch, the report from the sheriff’s department states it was found that the passenger, Billy Kirker, was on parole and had a search wavier on file.

Deputy Martin asked the driver, Brandy Mason, if there was any illegal in the vehicle. Mason stated there was nothing illegal in the vehicle and consented for it to be search. Deputy Martin prompted Mason to step out of the vehicle and Kirker exited the vehicle at the same time.

Deputy Martin then asked Kirker to place his hands on the vehicle’s hood so he could search him.

According to the report from the Independence County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Martin checked a cigarette pack that Kirker had in his hand when he got out of the vehicle. Inside the package a blue metal smoking device with burnt residue consistent of marijuana was found.

A search of the vehicle revealed a black zipper bag was in the passenger floor board containing a smoking device with burnt white residue, small plastic baggies, and a digital scale. Per the official report from the sheriff’s office, Kirker admitted the bag and its contents were his property.

When Deputy Martin searched the area around the vehicle he found a small plastic baggie containing what was later found to be marijuana. Deputy Martin then contacted Narcotics Investigator Chris Toland and informed him of the items that had been located.

Upon arrival on the scene, Toland conducted a second search of the area around the vehicle and found a small metal container near where the marijuana was found. The report from the sheriff’s department states it contained another small baggie of marijuana and two small baggies of a crystalline substance that tested positive as methamphetamine.

Kirker was transported to the Independence County Jail and placed on a parole hold.




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