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‘Dollars for Doggies’ fundraiser launched for Humane Society of Independence County

A local insurance agency is partnering with the Humane Society of Independence County (HSIC) to help raise “Dollars for Doggies,” an ongoing campaign to continue throughout the year to help raise operating funds for HSIC.

The staff at the Randy Reichardt Insurance Agency created the idea while discussing Christmas gift ideas for Reichardt and his wife, Michelle.

“This fundraiser started when we were discussing a Christmas gift for Randy and Michelle; they are so generous to us, and we wanted to do something for them that was unique,” said Laura Holder, the agency’s office manager, in a release announcing the campaign. “We know Michelle’s fur-baby, Abby, is so special to her, and she wishes every dog could have ‘the life of Abby’ so this gift was the perfect way to honor them.

Agency staff, customers, family and friends raised $800 in the month of December. A portion of the dollars raised were donations made by the Reichardts in memory of friends and family pets who have passed away in the past couple of years, according to the release. “We’d love to see others do the same thing and consider giving Valentine donations in honor of the fur-baby who keeps your heart warm this winter,” said Michelle Reichardt. “We were so thrilled with the gift our staff made in our honor, and we hope others will join us as we continue to raise operating funds for those sweet animals at HSIC.”

“The animals at HSIC require care and resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so as you can imagine, the operating expenses are very costly,” said Lisa Lambert, a board member of HSIC. “Having extra funds available for general operating expenses is such a tremendous blessing. Yes, we always need items like food, blankets, cleaning supplies, cat litter, kennels, and we’re so grateful to each person who donates these, but our operating budget is literally what pays the utilities, insurance, veterinarian bills, vaccines, medications, staff salaries, facility needs, and so on.”

“We are grateful for the community’s support of Dollars for Doggies, and I’m especially thankful to work with such big-hearted employees who share our love of pets as well as realizing the blessing of giving,” said Randy Reichardt. “I’ve always said, if I won the lottery, animal shelters would get a huge chunk of the money. Until then, HSIC will continue to have my personal support.”

For more information about the Humane Society of Independence County, go to Information about Dollars for Doggies can also be found via HSIC or by contacting the Randy Reichardt Insurance Agency, 510 S. St. Louis, in Batesville. HSIC is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals in Independence County.

Reichardt.jpgPictured, front row: Anna Hogan, Homer Solis, Lisa Lamberth, Michelle Reichardt, Randy Reichardt, Paula Stewart. Pictured, back row: Terri Wantulok, Lauren McCarty, Alicia McAnally, Laura Holder, Mary Chambers, Deanna Green / Image submitted


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