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Independence County maintenance supervisor says source of roof leakage at sheriff’s dept. likely found

Those working to prevent mold in the Independence County Sheriff’s Department offices say: Stop the roof leaks, and the other problems will be solved as well.

Glen McKay, the maintenance supervisor for Independence County, says he believes the biggest problem causing roof leakage is in the ridge cap, noting the fluting under the ridge cap is rotten.

“I am afraid it could be allowing rainwater to blow right under the ridge cap and into the building,” McKay says.

McKay believes a wider ridge cap with three rows of fluting on each side attached to the roof with new screws in new holes would solve the problem. He thinks the work could be done for under $2,000.

The supervisor says there are two other spots he noticed that will require some attention, but maintenance should be able to do that work.

McKay acknowledged some say the leaks are not under the ridge cap, but near exterior walls.

“I understand that, but I have seen water do some funny things,” McKay says. “I am confident that repair of the ridge cap will work.”

For more on the leaks at the sheriff’s department building leaks, click here.

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