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Newark man charged with selling illegal drug and manufacturing a counterfeit drug

An Independence County man has been charged in circuit court with possession with the intent to sell illegal drugs and possession with the purpose to manufacture a counterfeit illegal substance.

Izaac Warren Tilley, 20, of Newark was stopped on a traffic violation, which led to officers finding a digital scale hidden in his waistband. This discovery led to a search of the vehicle which produced marijuana, methamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia including U.S. currency in small denominations.  

Lead investigator for the Batesville Police Department, Dillon Sallas, said in his court information that Tilley admitted during an interview that he used methamphetamine and marijuana on a daily basis. He also told officers that, for fun, he would heat up salt in a metal bowl to make it look like meth.

The court record said Tilley also admitted to selling illegal narcotics on a regular basis.

Tilley has been charged in Independence County Circuit Court with four drug-related felonies and one drug-related class “A” misdemeanor.

Tilley’s bond was set at $20,000.

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