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Cedar Ridge students receive radio certification

A majority of the Radio students at the Cedar Ridge High School are now Certified Radio Operators.

The five-year certification comes from the Society of Broadcast Engineers in Indianapolis, Indiana. “These students studied their handbook, which cover everything needed to learn how to operate a radio station”, said Caleb Conyers, the Radio Instructor at Cedar Ridge.

He is also the station manager of KLLN 90.9 FM, the school’s own radio station.

“They learned the basics of how radios work, the broadcasting rules of the FCC, microphones, audio boards, and AM and FM transmitters. Having a radio station right next to the classroom helps. The kids not only read about the equipment, but they receive hands-on training as well.” Conyers said. “After they studied the book, they took the CRO test, and 22 of the 26 students, who took the test this year, passed!

This certification shows that these students are knowledgeable in the radio broadcasting field and should hopefully move them to the top of the candidate list for broadcasting jobs, as they’ll already be trained in how radio stations work. If nothing else, this certification looks great on any resume.”

According to its website, The Society of Broadcast Engineers is the only organization devoted to the advancement of all levels and types of broadcast engineering.

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