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Southside holds open house, ribbon-cutting for new city hall

Arkansas’ newest city celebrated the opening of its new city hall yesterday with an open house and a ribbon-cutting ceremony from the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce. City of Southside officials and area dignitaries along with a large crowd were on hand for the event.

Southside Mayor Ray Bowman (pictured below at podium) gave a brief history of the area at the ceremony and noted the events which led to the incorporation of the new city sprang from a spirit of unity among its people.

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“We were always Southside people, and in 2014, we learned there might be a chance that might change,” the mayor told the crowd. “Although we might be anti-takeover, mostly we were pro-Southside. We had a spirit about us. We didn’t wanna lose that.”

Southside was incorporated in 2014.

The mayor says thanks to volunteers, the city hall maintains a presence during each business day, and he invited the public to come see the new facility first-hand at 2181 Batesville Blvd.

Southside City Hall sign


Southside City Hall plaqueSouthside City Hall open house outside


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