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Countywide CPR class recently held in Sharp County

Proactive residents across Sharp County attended several locations over the weekend to learn a lifesaving skill in the first ever countywide CPR class. The class was hosted by Wives of Armor Chapter F in conjunction with Comfort Keepers and produced several locations near capacity.

Robert Hartgraves, a flight paramedic and CPR instructor with Survival Flight, was an instructor for the Cave City location that had 16 residents in attendance. Hartgraves believes that training in CPR is vital because it unquestionably preserves lives.

“We have first responders that have training but it takes a while to get to the scene,” Hartgraves said. “I believe that more people knowing how to do CPR so they can act quickly in an emergency is what saves lives.”

Hartgraves further stated that classes like this make a great impact on the survival chances of victims saying that the first initial moments are vital.

“On average I’d say that it takes roughly 15 minutes to get an ambulance on the scene in our area,” Hartgraves said, “Having residents on the scene of an accident know how to administer CPR assists us considerably in saving a person’s life.”

Debbie Tims, who lives in Cave City and took the class echoed Hartgraves belief that having the skills to perform CPR can help to save lives.

“It’s our civic duty to help anyone that we can,” Tims said, “before I had no knowledge but now I feel like I can help. And it’s amazing.” Tims commented that being in an emergency situation where she didn’t know what to do is what drove her to take the class so that she could confidently act next time.

With the Cave City Watermelon Festival coming up, Tims stated she believes it could be a benefit for the people attending this year’s festivities.

“We might be next to someone when they go down, and I can help until [the first responders] get there,” Tims said, “If someone goes down, we can help save a life now. And that’s huge.”

Cham Buchanan, director of The Wives of Armor Chapter F, said she would like to thank all who were instrumental in making this possible for the residents of Sharp County.

“Without the instructors from Survival Flight, Baxter Regional Medical Center, Ash Flat Fire Department, and Spring River Ambulance Service donating their time this would have just been a good idea, with no action,” Buchanan said, “thank you all for your service and for making this a reality.”

Buchanan also wanted to thank the Cave City, Ash Flat, Highland, and Hardy Fire Departments for the use of their departments to hold the classes.

For more information, contact Cham Buchanan – WOA Chapter F director at (870) 955-8010, Holly Bailey – WOA Chapter F communications director at (870) 283-1607 or Lauren Seibert – Comfort Keepers at (870) 373-1233.

The Wives of Armor (WOA) organization is the leading organization of and voice for spouses of law enforcement. Wives of Armor is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of spouses of law enforcement officers with the goal of expanding the support network of law enforcement families while improving the communities in which they live. WOA Chapter F covers all of Sharp County with wives serving who represent the Sheriff’s Department, Ash Flat, Cave City, Cherokee Village, Highland, and Hardy Police Departments.

Comfort Keepers is a ministry located in Sharp County that operates on a find a need and fulfill it basis. Comfort Keepers equips people with knowledge, training, and means to stay safe where the need is.

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