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Traffic stop in Newark leads duo to jail on drug charges

Two men went to jail after they were caught Thursday evening in Newark with methamphetamine and marijuana, according to authorities.

Independence County Deputy Sheriff Johnny Byler was patrolling in the area of Hill Street in Newark when he saw a truck crossing the centerline, according to the incident report. Byler stopped the vehicle with two men inside.

Byler’s report said he noticed the driver, identified as Johnathan Allan Story (pictured below), 30, of Charlotte, appeared to be under the influence of some type of drug. He said Story was shaking, clenching his hands in an erratic manner, and talking extremely fast.

Johnathan Allan StoryJohnathan Allan Story

The deputy asked Story to step out of the truck and then asked him if he was concealing anything illegal inside his truck. Byler said Story admitted to concealing “a meth pipe,” and “some meth.” Story was then detained with hand restraints at the rear of the vehicle.

Byler noted he then went to the passenger’s side of the truck, and ordered the passenger, Patrick W. Sharp (pictured below), 32, of Drasco, to step out of the vehicle. Byler said Sharp was reaching into his right-hand pants pocket and was ordered to stop. Byler said he then reached into Sharp’s pocket and found a plastic baggie containing a small amount of meth. Sharp was then placed under arrest and secured in Byler’s patrol unit. A search of the truck found a glass smoking device as well as a plastic baggie containing marijuana.

Patrick Wade Sharp

Patrick W. Sharp

Byler said he then went back to Story, who was waiting at the back of the truck. There, the deputy noticed a plastic baggie lying in the bed of the truck that “wet” to the touch and appeared to be torn on one end.

When he asked Story where the baggie came from, Story said it had been in his mouth, and he spit it out, telling Byler he had swallowed some of the meth from inside the baggie, according to the report.

Byler then took both men to the White River Medical Center emergency room, where Story was examined, and Sharp was turned over to Sgt. Gary Franks, who took Sharp to jail.

After Story was medically cleared, he was also taken to jail. Byler then placed all evidence into the department’s evidence room, and Story’s truck was impounded.

Both men are facing two felonies — possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

They are also facing one misdemeanor — possession of marijuana. In addition, Story is facing an additional felony — tampering with evidence during a felony investigation.

Images via the Independence County Sheriff’s Department

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