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Desha man cited with resisting arrest after one-vehicle accident

A Desha man was given three citations by the Independence County Sheriff’s Department after a one-vehicle accident on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

According to the incident report, Deputy Sheriff Johnny Byler arrived on the scene of the accident and found a male identified as Bailey Kyle Winningham, 19, lying on the road surface of Haynie Drive near a wrecked vehicle.

The deputy noted Winningham was rolling around on the ground, and he advised Winningham to remain on the ground until an ambulance arrived to attend to his injuries, but Winningham refused to stay down and he became belligerent, according to the report.

Byler said Winningham’s speech was slurred, and he appeared to be under the influence. Winningham began to actively resist arrest when Byler tried to put hand restraints on him, the report said. When Byler attempted to put Winningham into his patrol car, Winningham pulled away several times before finally being placed inside the vehicle. Deputy Byler said Winningham then began to kick the window of the back door. That’s when Byler placed leg restraints on Winningham.

Byler then transported Winningham to the hospital emergency room, where doctors treated him and admitted him to the hospital. Byler said he left Winningham with three citations: resisting arrest, fictitious tags, and careless driving.

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