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UPDATE: Revised burning ordinance discussed at Batesville City Council meeting; ordinance now posted online

The hot ticket item at Tuesday night’s Batesville City Council meeting was a “burning” issue.

The city has had its fire department working for some time on formulating an ordinance that addresses burning in the city and what type of burning will be acceptable.

The council discussed the ordinance for the majority of the meeting along with Batesville Fire Chief Brent Gleghorn.

Even moments before the Tuesday night meeting started, the ordinance was revised for altering of certain limitations, specifications, and clarifications on prohibited burning activities, especially residential burning.

“What is in front of you, I think, is probably a very, very good place for the city of Batesville to be,” Gleghorn told the council. “I probably read 25 different ordinances, and I tried to pick and choose the best parts that fit Batesville, Arkansas the best.”

The ordinance will be placed on the next meetings’ agenda for its second reading. To read the revised version, scroll down. To read the original version of the ordinance, click here.

During the “Mayor’s Comments” portion of the meeting, Mayor Rick Elumbaugh addressed the ongoing negotiations between the county and city. The mayor told the council it was a good meeting held with attorneys for the county and the city.

Elumbaugh said it was very cordial and very beneficial. The three addressed the issue at hand causing tension between Independent County Government and the city of Batesville. (For more on this story, click here and here.)

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