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Traffic violation stop in Independence County yields marijuana and meth

After Independence County Deputy Sheriff Johnny Byler conducted a traffic stop at White Drive and East Main in Independence County last week, the officer noted in his incident report he had detected a strong odor of marijuana when he approached the driver’s window of the stopped vehicle.

When he asked the driver, identified in the report as Krystal Sue Lucy, 41, if she had marijuana in her possession, Byler said Lucy told him she had a small amount inside her pants pocket.

Outside the vehicle, Lucy removed the marijuana cigarette from her pocket. Byler then advised Lucy he would be doing a search of the vehicle. During that process, he found a plastic baggie of methamphetamine inside Lucy’s purse as well as a glass smoking device, according to the report.

When Deputy Byler asked Lucy if she was concealing any illegal narcotics on her person, she said “No,” but “I have a small amount of meth in my apartment.” Byler and Batesville Police Narcotics Officer Dillon Sallas then transported Lucy to her apartment in Batesville where they took into possession two plastic baggies of meth and one glass smoking device — all of which was later placed into “evidence for destruction,” and will not be charged against Lucy, the report noted.

Lucy is charged with two felonies:  1) possession of a controlled substance, namely meth and 2) possession of drug paraphernalia.

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