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RV burns atop Ramsey Mountain Saturday night

Featured image via Savannah Faye’s Facebook page

A fire totaled an RV atop Ramsey Mountain late Saturday night.

Southside Fire Chief Jeremy Loggains said his department was called to the intersection atop Ramsey Mountain around 11 p.m. Saturday. A fire had ignited in the engine of an RV driven by a Missouri couple.

Loggains said the incident occurred right at the intersection (US 167 and Hwy 14). To make matters more concerning, the RV was pulling a trailer carrying the Missouri couple’s race car. Also on the trailer was a large container of racing fuel.

Loggains said the emergency responders on scene disconnected the trailer and moved it away from the fire, which had by then become a full-blown blaze.

Chief Loggains said the trailer or race car did not sustain any damage. The couple told the fire chief the wife had informed her husband just before the fire started that she smelled “something funny.” Loggains said the husband told her he was going to pull into the Exxon station to fuel up, and they could check the unusual smell at that time. However, that’s when the RV engine burst into flames.

On an afterthought, Loggains said it was a good thing the driver didn’t get the chance to pull into the service station, or matters could have gotten much worse in a hurry.

The chief said traffic was backed up while firemen brought the blaze under control. He said it took until 1 a.m. Sunday to clean and clear the area. Chief Loggains said the RV was a total loss.

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