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Independence County authorities arrest man wanted for not reporting to circuit court

On Friday afternoon, Oct. 25, Independence County Sheriff’s Deputy Johnny Byler was summoned to Davis Lane. Parole officer Brian Gould had located a wanted subject at the residence, according to the incident report.

Gould said while searching for parolee Kevin Ballard, Jansen Goff (pictured) opened the front door.  Agent Gould said that he knew Goff was wanted for not reporting to Independence County Circuit Court, so at that time Gould placed Goff under arrest.

Gould said he then began looking for parolee Ballard. Tina Ballard then arrived at the residence. She told officers that she lives at the house, and occasionally her brother, Kevin Ballard, and friend Jansen Goff stay with her, according to the report.  

Gould said he did not find Kevin Ballard at the residence, but he did locate several drug paraphernalia items lying on a bed in the spare bedroom. Tina Ballard told officers she was not aware of the paraphernalia and does not personally use the spare bedroom. She did advise Officer Byler that she has a .9mm pistol in her bedroom. She also said she is not a felon, but does have felony charges pending, the report stated.

Goff was taken to jail and placed on hold for probation and parole and probation revocation.

The paraphernalia and handgun were confiscated and taken to the sheriff’s evidence room for holding. 

Charges for possessing the firearm and paraphernalia are pending.

Image via Independence County Sheriff’s Department

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