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UPDATE: Stone County man involved in two high-speed pursuits officially charged

A Stone County man who fled from the police two different times in two days earlier this month has been officially charged in Stone County Circuit Court.

On Nov. 5, the Stone County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip that Mason Patrick (pictured), 26, was in a silver Pontiac G5 traveling east on Highway 14 from Fifty-Six, Arkansas.

Patrick was wanted on felony warrants in two counties. Earlier, on Nov. 2, he was also involved in a vehicle pursuit by law enforcement that ended with Patrick fleeing on foot. (Click here for that story.)

When police met him on Nov. 5, they turned in behind him, and put on their emergency lights and sirens for Patrick to stop. He did not, and the chase was on.

The circuit court probable cause for arrest said Patrick took the pursuit into Izard County, where deputies there joined the chase. At about five miles into Izard County, Patrick was going around a deputy’s vehicle in front of him when he hit another vehicle head-on. Patrick tried to crawl out of the Pontiac through the passenger side, but he was caught by deputies and placed into custody.

The other driver in the vehicle hit by Patrick was identified by police as Dewayne Gosser. He and Patrick were taken by ambulance to the Stone County Medical Center for treatment of their injuries. Police say Gosser suffered “serious and substantial” injuries and was admitted to the hospital. (Click here for that story.)

Patrick was treated and released into police custody. He was taken to jail and charged with: 1) felony fleeing in a vehicle, 2) felony theft of property, and 3) felony battery in the second degree. He was also charged with two serious misdemeanors: 1) unauthorized use of a vehicle and 2) reckless driving resulting in physical injury.

Patrick’s bond was set at $50,000.

Image via Stone County Sheriff’s Office

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