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Independence County Sheriff’s Department makes arrests in three separate incidents involving drugs

Two women and a man have been arrested in Independence County in three separate incidents involving drugs.

As is many times the case, a traffic violation late Monday night, Dec. 2, on 6th Street in Newark, led to the arrest of a Sulphur Rock woman after authorities found drugs.

Johnnnia Kay Summers.jpgJohnnia Summers

A search of the driver, identified as Johnnia Summers, 49, found in her pockets, a glass smoking device containing methamphetamine residue and one plastic baggie containing what tested positive as meth, according to the incident report. She was also driving on a suspended license.

Gary Wayne SummersGary Summers

During the stop, it was found that a passenger, Gary Summers, 64, had a district court warrant for his arrest. He was taken into custody, the report said.

Both were taken to jail. Sheriff Stephens said it is highly likely that Johnnia Summers will be charged with two felonies: possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Whitteny Doyle.jpgWhitteny Ann Doyle

In another incident on Monday, Whitteny Ann Doyle, 40, of Searcy, is likely to be charged with the same two drug-related felonies. She was found to be in possession of meth and three glass smoking devices by probation and parole agent Brian Gould while he was making a home visit, according to authorities. The incident occurred in the 1500 block of Camp Tahkodah Road.

In the third incident, Sheriff Stephens was on Mulberry Lane, Dec. 1, when he saw a vehicle stopped in the driveway to a field where no one should be. Stephens said in the incident report that when he approached the driver, he could tell he was very nervous with slow speech, slurred at times.

Jonathon Bristow.jpgJonathon Bristow

The sheriff said the man, identified as Jonathon Bristow, 37, of Little Rock, kept reaching under the seat like he was searching for something, according to the report. Sheriff Stephens was taking Bristow out of the vehicle when he noticed a syringe and two plastic baggies lying on the floorboard. Stephens said one baggie tested positive as meth. The other baggie contained a white, powdery substance that tested positive as an opioid. The sheriff said Bristow informed him the substance was Fentanyl, the report noted.

Bristow told Stephens he had just left a local rehabilitation program. He was taken to jail and is now facing two felonies: possession of meth and possession of Fentanyl, according to authorities.

Bristow is on a hold awaiting charges to be filed.

Images via Independence County Detention Facility

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