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Gary B.: The holiday season brings increased traffic flow and thefts, BPD reminds citizens to be mindful this time of year

Three traffic accidents in Batesville on Wednesday may be indicative of the increased traffic flow this time of year.

A two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Dogwood and Harrison was investigated by Officer Sadie Magee.  Officer Magee said a vehicle operated by Elizabeth Tucker was stopped at the traffic red light facing north on Dogwood. It was behind a vehicle operated by Noah Woolery. Ms. Tucker told Officer Magee the light changed to green and she thought Woolery had begun to move forward, which his vehicle had not, and Tucker struck the Woolery vehicle from the rear.  No injuries reported.

Another two-vehicle accident occurred on Wednesday on College Street.  Officer Amber Branscum said a vehicle driven by Anthony Hyde was traveling west on College when a Lyon College Maintenance vehicle backed out of a driveway and struck the front of Hyde’s vehicle.  No injuries reported.

A third, two-vehicle accident on Wednesday was investigated by Batesville Police.  Officer Amber Branscum. Branscum was called to Taco Bell in Batesville. She said two vehicles attempted to pull out of the drive-thru exit of the restaurant at the same time.  Danielle Neely, one of the vehicle drivers, said she noticed the other vehicle also pulling out and she made a sudden left turn onto St. Louis to avoid a collision with other traffic, she then struck the rear of the other vehicle.  No injuries were reported.

The Batesville Police Department also reminds you to secure your home, outbuildings, dorm rooms, and other areas due to increased thefts during the holiday season and reminds motorists traffic flow has also increased, so everyone should be mindful of more traffic congestion while driving.

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