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BHS Drama Club’s production of ‘Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus’ tonight at 6 p.m.

Santa (pictured above, played by Peyton Castellon) gets a playful tug on his beard from Virginia (portrayed by Jazmine Edwardson) in the BHS Drama Club production of “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.”

A final performance of the production will be held tonight at 6 p.m. at the Holloway Theatre on the campus of Lyon College in Batesville.

Scroll below for more images of the cast and crew.

Ainsley Walker Anni Bullard.jpgAinsley Walker, Anni Bullard

Yes Virginia Kenly Long.jpgKenly Long

Canon Luter.jpgCanon Luter

Jazmine Edwardson Cristal Martinez Emily Hernandez Hilary Hernandez.jpgLeft to right: Jazmine Edwardson, Cristal Martinez, Emily Hernandez, Hilary Hernandez

J.C Ramirez Aristyn Glasgow Hilary Hernandez.jpgLeft to right: J.C Ramirez, Aristyn Glasgow, Hilary Hernandez

Kenly Long Kimberly “Blu” Tullos Canon Luter Eric Harris .jpgLeft to right: Kenly Long, Kimberly “Blu” Tullos, Canon Luter, Eric Harris

Lucas Pfitzner Ashlyn Harris, J.C Ramirez.jpgLeft to right: Lucas Pfitzner, Ashlyn Harris, J.C Ramirez

Jazmine Edwardson Ainsley Walker Cody Holland J.C BlackwellLeft to right: Jazmine Edwardson, Ainsley Walker, Cody Holland, JC Blackwell

Yes Viriginia crew and director.jpgLeft to right: Moriah Beyer, Abbi Bullard, Alexius Gray, Hannah Cummins (BHS drama teacher), Briana Ausborn, Ozzy Watts

Yes Virginia CastBack row, left to right: Briana Ausborn, Alexius Gray, Aristyn Glasgow, Rebecca Skinner, Katelyn Barksdale, Ozzy Watts, Ashlyn Harris, Eric Harris, J.C Ramirez, Peyton Castellon, Anni Bullard, Canon Luter, Betsy Bumpers, Lucas Pfitzner, Cody Harris, JC Blackwell, Jose Hernandez

Front row, left to right: Moriah Beyer, Abbi Bullard, Kimberly “Blu” Tullos, Kenly Long, Hilary Hernandez, Lizzie Buie, Ainsley Walker, Jazmine Edwardson, Emily Hernandez, Alaina Cheyenne Cooley, Cristal Martinez / All images of the production, cast and crew via Batesville Schools


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