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Sulphur Rock man charged with rape

A Sulphur Rock man is in jail today on a $100,000 dollar bond after being charged in Independence County Circuit Court with one count of rape.

The court information accuses Dylan Wayne Densmore, 20, of committing the act of rape on Monday, Dec. 2 with a female victim under the age of 16.

The court information, contained in the Affidavit of Probable Cause For Arrest, said Densmore came to the residence of the victim on that Monday night, bringing her a milkshake. She drank it and talked with him for some time in his pickup truck. She told authorities she began to feel “weird” and suspected her drink had been spiked with some type of liqueur.

Densmore then drove a short distance from the victim’s residence where he stopped the vehicle and allegedly began forcing himself on her, performing deviant sexual acts and sexual intercourse with her, according to court information.

The record said the victim told authorities Densmore “gave up” when her stepmother sent a Snapchat message saying “bring the girl back or we will ask for criminal charges to be filed.”

The court information went on to say Densmore drove his truck toward the victim’s residence where he dropped the victim off a short distance from her house and left the area. She walked the rest of the way home and told her family she had been raped.

That’s when authorities were called.

Police said in the record that both Densmore and the victim were interviewed, and his truck was searched for evidence in the case.

Rape is a Class Y felony, and, upon conviction, carries a penalty of 10 to 40 years in prison and a fine not exceeding $25,000 or a combination of both.

Densmore is being charged as a habitual offender.

Image via Independence County Sheriff’s Department

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