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Court info: Mountain View Police arrest alleged armed robbers within 30 minutes

Authorities say an armed robbery occurred at 5:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 25, in Mountain View, and by 6 p.m., the suspects were in custody.

The court information on the affidavit of probable cause for arrest said Dakota Acklin (pictured above, left), 20, and Kristin Hicks (right), 21, contacted the victims, a couple, on Facebook, and invited them to come to Mountain View and visit.

One of the victims, a male, told authorities said he knew Acklin from the time they were in the Division of Youth Services system together.

The court record said the two couples met at the bridge on South Bayou and Mill Pond Road, but instead of a friendly meeting, Acklin allegedly put a gun to the male victim’s head and told him to lie down on the ground.

Acklin then went through the victim’s pockets and took $120 in cash while Hicks, the female part of the robbing duo, asked the second victim, a female sitting in the car, where her money was, the court record said. The female victim told Hicks she didn’t have any money, so Hicks then took the victim’s smartphone, according to the info.

After that, Hicks opened the victim’s car hood and tried to disable some of the wiring. Acklin and Hicks then left the scene, taking a cell phone from each victim with them, the record said.

After the victims contacted authorities, Mountain View Police immediately started an investigation, obtained a search warrant on a nearby residence, and apparently found the pistol used in the robbery, the court information noted.

The court documents said the pistol was hidden under a mattress in a bedroom. Police also say a baggie of marijuana and drug paraphernalia were also discovered under the mattress.

In less than 30 minutes after the robbery, Hicks and Acklin were found and arrested.

They were each charged with aggravated robbery; felony theft; and interference with emergency communications in the first degree.

The couple is now in jail, each on a $200,000 bond.

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