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Gary B.: Stone County Jail Tax goes before voters on Tuesday

A tax to improve Stone County jail conditions and construct a new jail that meets Arkansas State Standards goes before the voters on Tuesday. 

State Jail Standards has told the county to improve jail conditions to meet those required standards or face the current jail being closed.  

A previous proposal was defeated by a vote of 798 to 1422, according to a Stone County man who says he opposes the tax. 

Wayne Davis said that the proposal failed in all but one precinct.

Through Davis, those opposing the current jail construction proposal, funded by a sales tax that would “sunset” (be dropped) when construction bonds are paid off, asked for “equal time” on Sunday — a request that was made too late to honor. 

Davis agreed it was. But, he did say that it is felt the vote on this proposal will be much closer.

Davis said he hoped voters would go to the polls and let their desires be known.  

Those who support the new proposal also said they hope people will take the time to vote.

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