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Salado-area man charged after leaving message threatening Mountain View residents

“The coronavirus is going to look f****** minimal compared to [when] I arrive in Mountain View to take down. And I’ll do it.”

According to Stone County court info, an Independence County man left those words in a voicemail to his brother, an assistant manager at a Mountain View store.

“I have nothing left to lose, nothing. If it goes down to being killed, then all I have f****** given up is the suffering that I have to f****** live with,” Branscum went on to say in the voicemail, according to the affidavit of probable cause for arrest. The affidavit noted Branscum further said “…it wouldn’t take me 45 minutes to get to Mountain View. I’ve got five clips with 140 rounds each plus 100 pounds of ammo that’ll fit in a backpack. Do the math, how many people are f****** gonna lay dead.”

After the brother in Mountain View shared the entire voicemail with his boss and Mountain View police officers, deputies from Independence County “immediately” went to the residence of Ronald Alexander Branscum, 41, of the Salado area, the brother who allegedly made the threats in the voicemail. Mountain View officers were also on the roadway searching for a vehicle registered to Branscum.

Independence County deputies were able to make phone contact with Branscum and convinced him to come outside his residence and speak with them. He was taken into custody for Mountain View police and was transported to the Stone County Jail.

During an interview with Stone County officers, Branscum said there have been issues between his brother and himself for over 10 years after their father passed away. According to the affidavit, officers played the voicemail Branscum left to his brother. Branscum then said he didn’t remember making the call. The affidavit went on to say Branscum made a post on the internet after leaving the initial voicemail to his brother.

The post read:  “My plans are in order, and nobody can stop me now.”

Prosecutors have charged Branscum with first-degree terroristic threatening, a Class D felony, and harassing communications, a Class A misdemeanor. He is in custody with a $15,000 bond.

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