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Officials announce guidelines for district court business via Zoom beginning May 6

People with district court business will be allowed to appear in the Independence County District Court lobby for first appearances, pleas, and arraignments via Zoom videoconference beginning May 6, and each Wednesday thereafter, subject to the Arkansas Supreme Court Phase I building entry guidelines, which may be found at

The guidelines include temperature screening, social distancing; completing a questionnaire regarding health and recent travels; recommendations for handwashing/sanitizing; wearing masks; and more

Protecting the health of all who enter the court building – litigants, attorneys, court staff, and members of the public – is the district court’s highest priority, the court said in  a statement.

During this difficult time, until May 15, we are also offering a get-out-of-jail-free and “half-off” opportunity for those with outstanding warrants for unpaid fines.

If you have an outstanding warrant for unpaid fines, you may appear at the district court lobby, via Zoom videoconference with the court, and not be arrested on the warrant, provided you sign and agree to be bound by a monthly payment agreement plus provide your current contact information (address, phone, email, employer).

In the event you are able to pay a lump sum in an amount equal to one-half of your total fines owed, your remaining fine balance may be cleared. This is only for previously incurred fines on completed cases and not for pending charges or violations.

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